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Rain Gardens: A Story of Before and After in 6 Pictures

It’s a rainy day in the Twin Cities. We decided it would only be right to highlight a recent rain garden that EnergyScapes designed and installed a few weeks ago in a neighborhood just North of St. Paul. The before and after pictures tell the story.






















Rain gardens benefit your lawn and the ecosystem as a whole. They’re designed to capture runoff and prevent urban stormwater (often contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers, oil from cars, and other miscellaneous pollutants) from flowing directly into rivers, streams, and other local water sources. Native plants make good use of the wet conditions and water has a chance to filter through the soil and regenerate the local watershed. The natural habitat created by native plants will bring birds, butterflies and other pollinators to your yard. It’s good to know that special grants and rebates are usually available for homeowners interested in installing a rain garden!